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About Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness


Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness, LLC was founded in 2009 in order to help clients achieve their ultimate nutrition and wellness through education, training and support. With over 25 years of combined education and experience in areas including fitness, personal training, nutrition, and overall health, our team of professionals has developed a unique approach that provides customized programs to fit every client’s unique needs and health goals.

We focus on client-doctor consultations, education, personal training, exercise, alternative medicine and continued support to help our clients achieve their ultimate nutrition and wellness. Our doctor-supervised programs cover a wide range of health areas to fit every client’s needs, including obesity, low testosterone, thyroid dysfunction, sleeplessness, low energy or high stress. All of our programs will help eliminate the source of the problem, while incorporating techniques for maintenance and prevention.

We take pride in providing our clients with effective products and services, and maintaining the highest quality standards.


Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness, LLC has developed an exclusive nutrition line and multiple doctor-supervised wellness programs that combine exercise, personal training and nutrition to help clients achieve their wellness goals and live healthy lifestyles. Our programs are not just for the professional athlete – they are convenient, efficient, low-maintenance programs that will fit into anyone’s lifestyle.

After years of working with thousands of clients and understanding their health concerns and needs, we have developed an exclusive nutrition line that is dedicated towards achieving ultimate healthy lifestyles. Our nutrition line includes the following six exclusive kits:

In addition to these six exclusive kits, we sell a variety of products including MTC oil, nutritional bars, protein, support products and support supplements.


Our mission is to educate and support our clients in making health-conscious choices, regular exercise and lifelong nutritional changes through a multidimensional approach to nutrition and wellness.

Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness, LLC works with naturopathic physicians that maintain the highest medical principals and in-house certified personal trainers that have trained professional athletes and everyday men and women. Along with a friendly, dedicated medical staff, our team provides clients with the individual education, support and continued care they deserve as they work towards reaching their goals.

In combination with our program and nutrition line, we stress the importance of personal training and exercise. Our certified personal trainers help clients attain greater flexibility, body contouring, muscle building and resistance training in a safe and secure environment. By working with our personal training professionals who understand the importance of both exercise and nutrition, following our doctor-supervised programs and being introduced to new techniques, clients will learn how to efficiently accomplish their goals and receive ultimate health benefits.

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