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Dr. Supervised Programs

Dr. Sup. ProgramsYour Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness offers a variety of doctor-supervised programs that are designed to help our clients looking, feeling and living healthy, energized, and focused lives. The goal of our programs is to change lives and help clients reach their ultimate wellness.

Our programs target common health issues such as weight loss, high stress and high blood pressure and combine exercise, personal training and nutrition in a supportive and educational environment. Our doctors and certified-personal trainers have created the following programs that promote nutrition and wellness:

  • HCG Weight Loss – Our HCG Weight Loss program utilizes the HCG hormone and a comprehensive diet plan that will help you regulate your metabolism and develop healthy eating habits for long-term weight loss and weight management results.
  • High Blood Pressure  – A key towards maintaining blood pressure is developing a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors will educate you on necessary steps to take in order to help you maintain a healthy blood pressure through nutrition and exercise.
  • High Cholesterol - Diet and exercise are essential towards regulating cholesterol. We will help you turn harmful habits into healthy routines, which will assist in promoting low cholesterol and proper nutrition and wellness.
  • High Stress – Stress affects your body, mind and overall health. Our doctors will help diagnose and treat high stress through alternative medicine.
  • Low Energy – Our doctors and personal trainers understand the causes of low energy and will recommend treatment to increase energy levels, introduce methods to release stress through exercise and provide education on nutrition to help boost your energy.
  • Low Testosterone – A man’s testosterone gradually decreases with age. Our doctors will diagnose and treat low testosterone through alternative medicine and help promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders - Sleep is a critical component towards achieving ultimate wellness. Our Sleeplessness program is designed to educate and support you through alternative medicine, proper diet and nutrition.
  • Thyroid Dysfunction – We have designed a holistic approach towards the treatment of thyroid dysfunction. Our doctors will help diagnose thyroid conditions and recommend alternative medicine for treatment and prevention, which may help improve overall health and wellness.
  • Youth Weight Loss – Our doctors and personal trainers have designed a Youth Weight Loss program to help your child maintain a healthy weight through nutritional coaching and exercise. We will work with your child towards developing a healthy lifestyle and provide education, personal training and support on daily routines that will help your child live a healthy and active life.
  • Vitamin B12 and B-Complex Injections - There are many great health benefits of B12 and B-Complex injections that can help aid in everything from weight loss, aging and overall health and well being.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation or to discuss any of our programs. We look forward to helping you meet your health, nutrition and wellness objectives and guiding you towards becoming your ultimate self.

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