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Client Success Stories

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Maria M."

Marie McHugh - Before Cropped

Marie McHugh - After Cropped

Marie M.  Lost 65lbs. in 75 Days!

The Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness program has completely changed my life. To date I have lost 65lbs. I started with drops but was not getting the results I was looking for so made the immediate switch to the daily injections.  This has been a complete dramatic lifestyle change event for me. I am currently taking the HCG injections until I hit my goal weight of 101 pounds. A few of the changes that I have experienced with this new found weight-loss are: I am sleeping better, I have more energy, my feet and back do not ache any longer, I feel better about myself, I have a better outlook on life and I am motivated and confident to go to the gym and have made this a part of my weekly schedule that I really enjoy. I cannot put into words how pleased I am with this program, and the support I receive from the friendly staff. This has truly changed my life. For me it was a mindset I reached… I was done being overweight.   I felt that I had to do something and I owed it to myself to try.  Get your mindset ready to lose weight, follow the program provided 100%, keep your goal weight in hind sight and the weight will fall off, literally.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Kim P."

Kim Perry - Before - Cropped

Kim P.

Lost a total of 30lbs. in 10 Weeks!

Hi, I’m Kim…When I started HCG I was 30 + pounds overweight. I wasn’t happy. I took a chance and visited Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness and it was the best decision I have made in a long time. The staff is positive and helped me keep on the path that I have set for myself. Tell you what… I look great and feel great and my relationship with my husband has grown tremendously!

Kim Perry - After - Cropped

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Dawn T."

Dawn Thornton - Before

Dawn T.

Lost a total of 95lbs. in 10 Weeks!

Hi my name is Dawn Thornton and when I stared HCG I weighed 220lbs.  I currently weigh 125lbs. My experience has been a wonderful journey. The staff at Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness guided me through the tough times and it was all worth it.
Physically and emotionally I feel 100% better about ME!

Dawn Thornton - After

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Sarah D."

Sarah Davidson - Before

Sarah D.

Lost 33lbs. in 30 Days!

Hi my name is Sarah Davidson and I was 40lbs. over weight and have tried so many different diets.  None of them worked!  I drove by Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness saw the Lose Up to 30lbs in 30 days sign and was skeptical.  I talked with the nurse in the clinic about the program and was intrigued and decided to give it a shot.  30 days later I was down 33 lbs. and haven’t felt better!  This is truly an amazing program!

Sarah Davidson - After

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Allen W."

Allen Walker - Before

Allen Walker - After

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Joey H."

Joey - Before

Joey - After

Joey H.

Lost 36lbs. 23 inches in 3 Weeks!

Hi my name is Joey Hollenbeck. I'm a former professional football player for the Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and the Saint Louis Rams. I stopped playing football and quit working out and packed on a lot of weight.  I heard about the HCG program through a client and lost 36lbs and 23 inches. Prior to starting HCG I was having a lot of health problems like irregular heartbeat and soon after all my muscles turned to fat.HCG Gold Wellness Center staff was nothing but helpful and treated me great. It was a great experience and I recommend anybody struggling with weight to check it out!

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Jessica G."


Jessica G.

Lost 30lbs. in 28 Days!

I started losing right from the beginning but mostly I lost inches! My loss was very visible….I did the program for about 30 days… I was happy with my loss and it jump started me…now I am following the meal plan to continue with my efforts.  I definitely recommend this program to someone who actually wants to see results in their weight loss efforts……it made me want to continue because it was actually working!


HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Rick K."

Rick Kosier-Before

Rick K.

Lost 72lbs. in 8 Weeks!

My name is Rick and I have lost 72lbs in 8 weeks. I have found that working with the professional staff at Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness has been effortless, rewarding, and educational.  They not only help people get their lives back through weight loss but also teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rick Koiser - After

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Maria"

HCG Diet Weight Loss Testimonial - "Sandy H."

Sandy Howard - Before

Sandy H.

Lost 36lbs. in 5 Weeks!

WOW!!! Is all I can say... I am down 30 plus pounds and over 26 inches went from size 16 to a size 9 and have more energy than I know what to do with. . At this point with my HCG I have started working out and now am more focused on the inches lost vs. weight. DON'T GIVE UP! From the emotional roller coaster of plateau and given the tools to break it I continue to move forward. "NO ONE SUCCEEDS ALONE” Thank goodness for the HCG Gold Wellness Center for always making time to answer my questions. It's a good life!

Sandy Howard - After

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