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Lipotropic Weight Loss

Lipotropic Injections - What is a lipotropic injection?  Lipotropic injections are a combination of essential amino acids choline, methionine and inositol.  Choline actively reduces fat in the liver and decreasing the chances of heart disease.  Methionine lowers cholesterol and fat reduction in the body.  Inositol metabolizes fats and helps transfer them into the bloodstream as well as helps to regulates insulin and serotonin in our bodies which decreases hunger and increases mood.

Lipotropic injections coupled with a regimented meal plan and exercise routine can help you reach your goal weight.  These injections help to metabolize fat and remove it from the liver, decrease water weight and suppress appetite while helping to reshape the body.

There are many other benefits of lipotropic injections:

    • Boosts Energy Levels
    • Helps minimize water gain
    • Promotes healthy hair growth
    • Helps keep strong nails and healthy skin tone
    • Helps transform carbohydrates to energy
    • Improves mood
    • Helps control cholesterol levels[spacer size="20"]

Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness offers 6 week programs that we are sure will fit your needs.  Contact the location nearest you for more information.

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